Our spindles are made from select North American hardwoods chosen for their durability and beauty. Because wood grain can affect spindle performance, orientation of grain is optimized for each spindle to make a truer-turning, longer-spinning spindle.

Spindles start out as lumber. Each spindle is made without the use of duplicating machinery. Our own hands guide gouges, apply sandpaper, bend wire into hooks, file notches, and rub on oil. Shafts and whorls are roughed out separately, fitted together, and then glued. Roughed-out spindles are turned on a lathe as a single piece. This assures that the shaft and whorl are aligned precisely and the resulting spindle is balanced. All spindles have a hand-made, stainless-steel hook and receive two coats of our amazing wood finish.

Let's talk about balance! Despite all efforts, some spindles originally do not perform to exact standards because wood is, after all, a natural product. These spindles are balanced by adding a solid brass brad to the rim of the whorl. The brad is a physical reminder of our commitment to ultimate performance!

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